Roborock S6 robot both vacuums and mops with a HEPA filter for allergy sufferers.
The Roborock S6 Robot Both Vacuums And Mops

It knocks out two chores at once!

diamond cabinets with fingerprint lock biometric security
These Smart Cabinets Unlock to Your Fingerprint

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Friends enjoying pool party
The Outdoor Speakers Your Next Pool Party Needs

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Ice Cream, gelato, custard, sorbet, granita maker machine
LG's New Machine Makes Ice Cream In An Instant

Perfect cookie dough gelato in minutes?!

husqvarna smart robot lawn mower
This Robot Lawn Mower Will Cut Your Grass While You Kick Back With a Margarita

Your least favorite summer chore just got so much smarter.

Nobody Could Believe This Starbucks Coffee Was Brewed at Home

Nespresso's new pods will make you ditch your Keurig.

traeger smart grill
Traeger's Smart Grill Ensures You Never Burn Your Food Again

You'll never want (or need!) to cook inside again.

Lumi Toilet Brush Cleans Itself
The New Lumi Toilet Brush Cleans Itself

I want one, and you will, too!

So...Alexa Can Now Speak Through Big Mouth Billy Bass

Creepy or kinda charming? You decide.

The Hexa Robot Planter by Vincross Takes Care of Your Plant For You
The Hexa Robot Chases the Sun to Keep Your Plant Happy

It's the thing that will finally keep your plants alive.